Redeeming the Dirt Academy
Redeeming the Dirt Academy
Noah Sanders

Welcome to Redeeming the Dirt Academy

A passionate community equipping you to live for Jesus, excel in agriculture, and make disciples!

Do You Love Jesus and Agriculture?

There is a growing number of Christians today who feel called to serve God THROUGH agriculture, whether that be with a small garden, homestead, or market farm. We desire to live a lifestyle of tending the land, working with our families, serving our communities with good food, and letting our gardens, homesteads, and farms shine the light of Christ to those around us. 

But if you are just getting started, you may have found, like I did, that there are few agricultural resources from a Christian Worldview. In fact, because the Church often has a bad reputation regarding land stewardship, those who promote it are often anti-Christian. And it is hard to blame them. 

Why aren't Christians the ones leading the way in modeling excellence in caring for and managing the earth God has entrusted us with?  I feel a strong desire to see Christians equipped to be leaders in the realm of agriculture. And it isn't just about having pretty farms; we need to be bringing hope to the last, least, and lost and sharing the love of Jesus with the poor around us. If you share this same heart and want to be equipped to be part of this movement, then Redeeming the Dirt Academy offers resources and a support community to help you get started. 

"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." 1 Corinthians 10:31

What Does Redeeming the Dirt Academy Have to Offer?

I created Redeeming the Dirt Academy to help meet the biggest challenges facing Christians in agriculture today. Perhaps some of these sound familiar?

  • A need for practical training in gardening, homesteading, and market farming from a Christian Perspective
  •  Overwhelmed with trying to determine where to start or where to go next in your agricultural journey 
  • Lack of community with like-minded people who can encourage and help you
  • Wanting to impact your community with the hope of Christ, but not knowing how farming can help you do that
  • Discouragement due to failure, trials, and stressed family relationships

I think most of us have dealt with or are dealing with these challenges on a regular basis. It is my desire to let God use me to help serve and support others in this journey of bringing glory to God as farmers through Redeeming the Dirt Academy.

Let me introduce myself

My name is Noah Sanders. I am a Christian farmer, homesteader, author, and teacher with a passion to equip and encourage Christian in agriculture. My family and I raise vegetables on our farm in central Alabama both for ourselves and to sell locally in our community. Several years ago I wrote a book, "Born-Again Dirt, Farming to the Glory of God", and since then have had the opportunity to teach and share with others through on-farm classes and the Redeeming the Dirt Conferences. Having received training in Conservation Agriculture from Foundations for Farming in Zimbabwe, as well as discipleship training from Curtis Sergeant and MetaCamp, I have a passion to share my experiences in learning to live for Jesus, excel in agriculture, and make disciples. I invite you to join me on this exciting journey by joining Redeeming the Dirt Academy!

 What You Get as a Member:


 Redeeming the Dirt Academy provides video courses from a Christian Worldview in Gardening, Homesteading, Market Farming, and Christian Discipleship. Topics range from making compost and simple soil science, to homestead design and marketing options for farm businesses. Also included are pressing topics like balancing farm work and family, making disciples as farmers, and being prepared for suffering. 


As the Body of Christ, we need one another. One of Redeeming the Dirt Academy's most powerful features is its built-in community that integrates into every aspect. No private Facebook required here! In addition to valuable practical information, you can hear powerful testimonies of how God is working in the lives of other Christians involved in agriculture and get encouragement, advice, and prayer in your own journey. 


Because of its interactive nature, Redeeming the Dirt Academy gives you an opportunity to get input and advice on your own personal journey and challenges. This is far different from most courses which provide only content. Regular live coaching calls also provide an opportunity to get questions answered.

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Who Should Join?

Anyone who loves Jesus and agriculture and who would like to join a community of people on the same journey.

  • Gardeners
  • Homesteaders
  • Market Farmers
  • Homeschool Students
  • Missionaries
  • Pastors

What Students are Saying:

I am so thankful for your time and effort and wisdom. I am really excited about this next year as I hone in on 2-4 star crops and begin to use the information I am learning like making a border and maintaining a well kept garden though not very big. . . The information you are giving is so full of wisdom. It has taken off the burden to try and conquer it all, and has put my mind at ease, not made it reel. I believe that this is wisdom from above as described in James...first pure and then peaceable. - Ashley

I want to Thank God and Noah Sanders for the Ministry of Redeeming The Dirt. In the near past. I had gotten to the point, where I was willing to shy away from speaking about God for fear of chasing away a connection or possible future Customer. Through this ministry, God has enriched my life and has helped me to be Bolder for Him. Now God is helping me to have integrity in that area of my life. The same whether at Home or not. - Louis

Topics Covered:

  • Building Soil God's Way
  • Simple, Quality Composting
  • Garden Design and Care
  • Why should Christians Homestead?
  • Designing an Enjoyable, Productive Homestead
  • Lessons from Developing a Family Homeplace
  • Tips on Making a Living Farming
  • Making Disciples though Agriculture
  • Leaving a Legacy to Your Kids
  • Balancing Work and Relationships
  • Preparing for Suffering and Trials
  • Testimonies of the Radical Faith of Farmers
  • And More!


  • How much time does it take? With just an hour per week, you can make rapid progress in the training and be involved in the community. But you can also spend seasons when you are less busy (like winter) to invest more time in learning.
  • Can I access it through my mobile device? Redeeming the Dirt Academy is run by a powerful networking program that has its own app, where you can consume content and interact easily with other members all on your phone.
  • What is your Statement of Faith? Redeeming the Dirt Academy is not affiliated with any denomination but agrees with the Lausanne Covenant which can be read here.
  • How much does it cost? My family is committed to making this a free resource and personally funding the operating costs of this online platform. But we welcome anyone who feels led to contribute towards sharing the costs of operation.  There are online platform fees, video hosting fees, email list fees, administrative help costs, web-hosting fees, podcast hosting fees, and more. If you find yourself in a place that God leads you to contribute financially to help make this available to those who can't afford it, use one of the options below to contribute any amount, one-time or recurring. We are not a non-profit, so your gifts will not be tax-deductible, but we appreciate you partnering with us in any amount God tells you to give. And only give it God tells you to do it. We are happy for you to just be here any way you choose to contribute!  Click here to donate through Paypal (preferred)
    Click here to donate through Patreon
    Mail a check: Make out to Rora Valley Farms (my farm). Mail to 2235 Coosa County Road 49, Goodwater AL 35072 
  • Can I sign up anytime? Yes! Redeeming the Dirt Academy has open registration so you can apply anytime! Once we review your applications questions we will confirm your registration if you meet our qualifications. 

The Cost of Going Alone

I have spent and wasted countless hours and thousands of dollars in my agricultural journey by not getting good coaching and counsel. I know God can give you everything you need without being a part of this Academy. But I hope you will pray about allowing me to help you avoid some of the mistakes I made so you can have a chance to go farther faster than you would otherwise. 

Click 'Request to Join' at the top of the page to apply for free-membership!

"For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ," 1 Corinthians 3:11

Endorsement from Joel Salatin for Redeeming the Dirt Academy

"Creation stewardship is a mandate for the Christian, but what does it look like?  Is it chemical farming or compost farming?  Is it confinement animals or pastured animals?  If the earth is the Lord's, how do we as Christians assure that God gets a good return on His creation investment?

These are valid and serious questions because they speak to the practical outworking of our faith—the walk rather than the talk.  Numerous Christian farmers have been wrestling with this question for some time, not purporting to have all the answers, but at least being willing to search.

One of the best is Noah Sanders.  He’s young, but vigilant in the cause of Christ’s desire for land management generally and soil development specifically.

This course is a great starting point to discover what the Bible says about creation stewardship and then develop convictions about what it looks like in practical living.  I hope thousands of Christians avail themselves of Noah’s heart and expertise in this journey."

Disclaimer: It is my desire to help you in your agricultural journey, but due to the uncertain nature of agriculture I cannot guarantee results. Much of what you get out of the Academy will be up to your level of commitment and participation. Realize that we can plant and water, but only God can give the increase!